Meet Mr. Death | The Whistler (04-23-45)

A pharmacist is offered $5000 to poison a newspaper man. Needing the money and tempted take the offer, he finds out that he might have been overheard. A better-than-usual production. 1915 was a big year for a lot of people in New York City Herman Arnold for instance. Herman Arnold the gambler was murdered and because of that it was a big year for Jerry mason drugstore clerk. Yes, 1915 was the year Jerry Mason met Mr. Death you see just before he died Herman Arnold persuaded Jerry Mason to embezzle $1800 form the safe in the drugstore where he worked. He was going to double it overnight, that’s what Jerry told Laurie Crane his girlfriend. Only then the news came, Arnold was murdered, the money was gone…

Original Air Date: April 23, 1945
Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: The Whistler

• Bill Forman
• Bob Anderson

• George W. Allen

• Wilbur Hatch

Intro and Exit music from: Resurgence by Ghostrifter