Accident-According to Plans | The Whistler (05-07-45)

An arranged railroad accident scheme is foiled when the arrangements are accidentally derailed. There are many kinds of jealousy and none of them are any good. The jealous one in love is most frequent but there is another more terrible jealousy that of a man for his co-worker. Tom Reddick was jealous of Charles Freemont’s cleverness, his ability to succeed. Always when there was applause for a job well done Charles Freemont was patted on the back and when he was given the position of General Manager of the plant, the job that had been Tom Reddick’s, that’s when the jealousy reached a sickening height…

Original Air Date: May 07, 1945
Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: The Whistler

• Bill Forman
• Bob Anderson

• George W. Allen

• Wilbur Hatch

Intro and Exit music from: Resurgence by Ghostrifter