Dream of Armageddon | Escape (09-05-48)

A stark fantasy set in the year 2200, as civilization crumbles before the horrors of war. ou are caught in a web of nightmares, struggling to free yourself from sleep, while constantly, threateningly, your destruction draws closer and you know that unless you awake, the ultimate conclusion is … death.

Original Air Date: September 05, 1948
Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: Escape

• Stacy Harris
• Betty Lou Gerson
• Charlotte Lawrence
• Jack Kruschen
• Erik Rolf
• John Dehner

Author :
• H. G. Wells

• Les Crutchfield

Editorial Supervisor:
• John Dunkel

• Norman MacDonnell

• Ivan Ditmars

Intro and Exit music from: Resurgence by Ghostrifter https://bit.ly/ghostrifter-sc