Second Class Passenger (Parley Baer) | Escape (07-28-49)

An ordinary tourist on a cruise ship who finds a beautiful woman, murder and fight in the back alleys of Mozambique. You are trapped in the native quarter of Mozambique, two dead men at your feet and the police closing in on you and besides you a sultry girl who offers you escape. Ronald A Dawson, second class passenger who could of course have afforded first class but who was to know back at the department store where he worked.

Original Air Date: July 28, 1949
Host: Andrew Rhynes
Show: Escape

Special Guests:
• Parley Baer
• Georgia Ellis
• Paul Dubov
• Ben Wright
• Vivi Janiss
• John Dehner
• Edgar Barrier
• Nestor Paiva

• Percival Gibbons

• William N. Robson

• Norman MacDonnell

• Wilbur Hatch

Intro and Exit music from: Resurgence by Ghostrifter